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The value of analogue thinking in a digital-first era.

In our rapidly evolving digital-first era, the term ‘analogue’ might seem a little old hat. However, the straightforward, sequential nature of analogue thinking remains incredibly valuable, particularly in the realm of product and service development. 

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The end is nigh.

The end of the year, that is.

Don’t worry. This is not some doom and gloom post. There is far too much of that in the day-to-day news already.

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Prototyping. Think Big, Start Small.

When it comes to getting things done, prototyping is a process that breathes life into ambitious ideas and provides a well-lit path to efficient progress.

Here we explore how by embracing prototyping, you can slice through the noise, grasp the core of your concepts, and make significant strides toward achieving successful outcomes.

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Digital transformation. Unlocking success.

We understand that Digital Transformation can be complex, but it essentially involves making changes within your business to help you adapt to external changes, all in the context of ‘digital’ as a delivery method, i.e., anything online.

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The power of small networks.

We all want likes, comments, shares, followers, and subscribers, don’t we? The more the better, right? But what if we shifted our focus to less, as in less is more?

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The business of culture. Finding the perfect fit.

In this cutthroat world of commerce, where options abound and choices are aplenty, you might think that skills and services alone are enough to seal the deal. But hang on, because there’s something even more vital at play here: culture fit.

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Why your business’s manifesto matters.

A Business Manifesto is a published declaration of intentions, motives, or views. Every business needs a Manifesto. A strong Manifesto can help guide you as you make decisions, communicate with customers, and grow.

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The Art Of Keeping It Simple.

In today’s fast-paced world, we are bombarded with information and constantly trying to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. It’s easy to get caught up in the complexity of it all, but the key to success is often to step back and simplify.

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Startups. It’s time to ditch your CEO.

Startup founders face an existential paradox. They are encouraged to ignore the experts, abandon best practices and disrupt the status quo. At the same time, they’re told to inherit the rigid leadership structures of the boring and staid corporations they purport to disrupt. 

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Five ways to spend less time in meetings.

Catch-ups, all-hands, check-ins, WIPs – whether in person or virtual, meetings punctuate our days more than ever before.

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The benefit of staring out of windows.

Most of our days are filled with noise. Constant communication and instant content options to soothe our itch for a quick distraction.

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The peril of groupthink.

This week saw the publication of a House of Commons inquiry into the handling of the early stages of the pandemic.  Whatever your politics, there are valuable insights here into the challenges we need to overcome when tasked with collaborating on a complex challenge.

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How to prioritize your company’s projects.

Every organization needs what I call a “hierarchy of purpose.” Without one, it is almost impossible to prioritize effectively.

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White space and why it’s so important.

Our best ideas tend to come when the mind has a bit of an idle wander. Yet being proactive about creating white space is often an afterthought for busy business owners. It shouldn’t be.

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Zig-zagging towards the workplace of the future.

Our world appears to be full of binary choices. Some real, some manufactured.
No matter the topic, we tend to distil our most complex challenges into a set of simplistic alternatives.

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Making work better through quiet revolution.

New research suggests that long working hours are killing 745,000 people every year. Faced with such huge statistics, what can one individual do to make a change? In this article, we take on that very question.

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What business lessons can we learn from bands?

Music made me. There’s no other way I could put it; it’s that simple. I’d spend hours trying to recreate Stephen Morris’ drums on New Order’s Substance, using my ZX Spectrum. Yup, I was a geek when I was 13, and I’m still a geek 33 years later.

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Growth at any cost.

Picture the scene — a team meeting at a successful creative agency. Ideas are flowing around a new campaign, but then, from nowhere… Pffffffffffffffffff….BEEP.

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Local, global and a lot less metro.

As businesses living through the digital revolution, we find ourselves bombarded with the mantra that we need to be innovators. To dream ever bigger. To make waves where once there were ripples.

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Outside in. The value of external perspective.

As businesses living through the digital revolution, we find ourselves bombarded with the mantra that we need to be innovators. To dream ever bigger. To make waves where once there were ripples.

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The promise of tomorrow.

The tumult of the last 5 years of social and political confusion has crescendoed and we find ourselves at a crossroads. Not out of choice. But of necessity. This is an enforced pause. A global moment of mandatory reflection.

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