We are a diverse group of people committed to the development and growth of the people, brands and audiences we partner with.


Together we evolve and create new services, products, propositions, business models and creatively driven engagement.


We do this by looking both inside and out. At your purpose, mission, vision, value and culture, your team, processes and systems.

We understand the importance of knowing who you are, what you do, how you do it and who you do it for.

So we believe in keeping it simple. After all the landscape is complicated enough.

Where you are and where you want to go. And your customers. Who they are. Where they are. What they want and what they need.

We then translate what we find into a manifesto that builds integrity and drives innovation.

And combine it with insight and creative work informed by our position at the very heart of business and consumer culture.

The need for a vision, a core set of values, to know the end game and how you plan to get there.

But we also understand that things can change and the need to remain agile in order to take advantage of new opportunities, remain relevant, create growth and survive is ever more paramount.

Simplicity allows for clarity, for pace and the ability to succeed or fail fast. If something works then great. How can we make it better. If something doesn’t then we learn from it and move on.

We plan, we action, we review, we iterate and if needed we pivot.

And in doing so we create value. Help build your business. And engage, retain and grow your audiences.

We partner with people and brands at all stages of their growth journey. And if it’s something that we can’t deliver from within The Troop we also have the Co.

An extended community of people and organisations where resource can also be sought.

So if you have an idea, big or small that you’d like to discuss or an upcoming project you’d like us to review, then get in touch.

You never know. If we can’t help, it’s very likely we will know someone that can.


At Troop&Co we like to keep good company.

Our Co. understand the pressures of working for or running a business.

Colleagues, Associates, Partners, Friends, There are many names you can use. We like to call them our Co.

A dedicated group of people and organisations who are committed to maintain the relationships of the people within in order to support mutual development and growth via the sharing of knowledge and resources to achieve personal and commercial objectives via open conversation.

People you can rely on. People you can trust.

They are people who have been there, done it and in most cases are still doing it. They know what does and doesn’t work and they are happy to share their experiences, knowledge and time. They are also still looking to learn.

So If you share our values of Transparency, Empathy, Reliability, Partnership, Knowledge Share and Non Competition, then we would like to meet you


We have often said that you can sort most things on the trails and to truly thrive you need to get outdoors.

The simple act of heading out into the environment not only enables you to get the blood pumping and work up a sweat keeping you physically healthy. It also allows the mind to pause the day to day and wander. To re order, let go and move forward. Balancing both the physical and mental state.

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